Psychobabbles: Perspective 

Hello Blogging World!

Let me start off by adhering with the topic of this blog entry: Perspective.

Okay, perspective—what is it really? (I’m starting to talk like Michael bc I’ve been watching too much Vsauce lately.)

Perspective is how you see things, your own mental prospect of the world. I find this fascinating because nobody can see from your perspective. They can relate to it, but never have the same view on everything. It’s like how my red is different from your red (theoretically.)

We’re all different, we think different and act different.

Our actions speak for ourselves because this is the outcome of our perspective. Sometimes that’s what makes things difficult, when we interpret things differently from others and they take our actions the wrong way. There isn’t really a correct view. But then they are still somethings that are absolute. We all get disappointed at something. However, the same situation gives varying results from different people. Some act tough like they don’t care, some become too affected, or maybe others just act out of pride and leave.

One realization that I had is that we’re a different person to everyone. You can be perceived as friendly to one, but to another you can be a snob. Because of this, you’ll realize that what others may think of you doesn’t matter, their opinions don’t matter because all of these opinions are different, meaning you can’t really please everyone. You’re the one who knows yourself the most which makes you the only person who can prove which judgments are true about you. The only reason you change yourself is because you want to. And that should be the only reason.

“There is nothing that makes more cowards and feeble men than public opinion.”

-Henry Ward Beecher



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  1. Im inlove with your entries please write again soon 💞


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