Psychobabbles: Regrets

Hello blogging world!

I tried to evaluate and convince myself that it was okay to make mistakes and make wrong decisions at times. However, there’s always a tiny piece within me that disagreed with everything I thought. It’s like I’m having an internal argument with myself, which shouldn’t be happening because I have to agree with my own opinion.

Almost every situation leads up to this:

1) Me getting an idea and if I think that it’s good, I would pursue it and start planning.

2) Getting excited by what I’m about to do.

3.1) A voice within me talks me out of my plan. (The steps end here if I let this happen)

3.2) Talks myself out of my plan but I still see the potential positive outcome.

4) I finally do it.

5) I reflect on what I have done (even if the outcome was good or bad) and end up thinking that I reacted out of spontaneity and regret doing it.

After reading this, you’re probably thinking that I’m insane.

(P.s: I like how wordpress enables gifs to be a featured image. )


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  1. Hey! Cheer up! Maybe you should let your heart do the work, don’t be afraid to do things that will make you happy. Entertain positive thoughts. I care for you xx


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