Reaching Optimism

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All my life I have entitled myself as a realist. I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist. I stand in the middle having both outlooks depending on the situation. I like being a realist, it shows the acceptance of both positivity and negativity in your life. Being such, I learned that you are less likely to be disappointed when you’re being pessimistic. You often get surprises over good outcomes. However, thinking negative all the time toxifies the mind. It slowly kills your light of hope and takes a piece of you along with it.

This is the reason why I wanted to start this mini-series. I want to share positivity, so that you wouldn’t burn out that light within you. I don’t want that to happen because that light is the source of creativity, ambition, and hope. My main goal is to keep you going and give a better and more positive outlook on life.

Reaching Optimism: be kinder to yourself


Have you ever had thoughts like:

“What I’m doing is not good enough.”

“Everyone’s better than me.”

“They might hate me and think that I’m self-centered.”

“Nobody cares about me.”

Let me start off with the first statement:

“What I’m doing is not good enough.”

We all think we aren’t good enough because there is always someone better, and it’s completely true. There will be always someone better, but why compare yourself to them? We are all running in our own races. Doing your best is more than enough. We don’t fully know our capabilities, but if you try and just keep going, soon, you’ll be surprised on what you can do. And the best thing is, it has always been in you.

“Everyone’s better than me.”


Like I said, there will always be someone better, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not good yourself. Think of it like this: Someone out there somewhere sees and commends you about being really good at writing and feels really bad about themselves because you’re better. And you, you’re thinking the same thing about another person. The cycle never ends because there will always be someone greater. Because of this, your contentment is what makes you different. It’s what affects the way you live and act, so be contented on what you have because contentment gives peace of mind and happiness.

“They might hate me and think that I’m self-centered.”

First of all, why would you care about what other people think? They aren’t the judge of you, you are the only person who can judge yourself. It’s unavoidable to be disliked of hated because you can’t please everyone. Everything is in the eye of the beholder which is why there is nothing absolute in this world. (See perspective.) But sometimes having haters can be kind of a reality check. They point out the bad characters which should be changed.

Being self-centered is a really bad thing. I think that being our number one fans is important, but it is also important to not be overdoing it. Sure, you can’t please everyone but at least try to be the best person you can be. Be the best for you, not for others. Don’t act overly self-confident about your abilities even though you know you are really good at something. Try to stay in between humble and boastful.


“Nobody cares about me.”


Sometimes you may feel under-appreciated, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that nobody cares. This is never true. You are appreciated. People do care about you, maybe they just aren’t good in showing it but they really do care. However, the people who you know that really don’t, should be cut from because they may be the toxic people in your life.

One essential tip: Know the difference between real and fake friends.

Know the people who really care and motivate you, because these are the people who would build you up. While they’re doing their end of the bargain, do yours too so that they wouldn’t feel like they’re being used for your own benefit.

In every situation, know that there is good and bad. It important to set the right mindset.

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  1. The second picture is from a Tori Kelly song! Give it a listen, its title is Daydream.


  2. Hi please post something I miss you.


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