Ending 2015 with a Bang

A thought that always seemed to linger in my head in the last week of 2015 is how could next year be different. I had two wolves debating for their own sides: positive and negative. The pessimistic one told me that 2016 would be nothing different; it would easily slide off of my fingers before I could even do something. However, the other one kept telling me that this is the year. I’m still holding on to that thought.

Yesterday, December 31, 2015, was New Year’s Eve. The day started off as it would normally would: me turning on my laptop and watching The Simpsons. The first half of the day played on. So, the second half came, the time for preparation. Everyone became busy cooking, cleaning, and setting up for expected guests. Dinner was eaten at about eight o’clock in the evening, then we were off to light up some fireworks.

We started small with sparkling wands (that’s what I prefer to call them.) After that, we started shooting the bigger ones across the sky. The first one was a little frightening. It didn’t go that high up, so it went down really quickly. All of us ran away from the area because it started falling. The second and third one were short-lived, since they were only “fountain firecrackers.” The fourth one was the one that struck us the most. It was horrifying yet hilarious at the same time. The first shot was totally fine, it looked quite nice, actually. As I was looking up, with an iPad in my hand because I was video taping the whole thing, I heard someone scream from behind: “OH MY GOD IT FELL!”

Her words didn’t register in my head. I was still looking up, but then I got confused on why isn’t there another one shooting across the sky. I looked around and the next shot came out, however it wasn’t going up, it shot to the grass on our front lawn. Now everyone was panicking except me because, somehow, it didn’t quite register in my brain. I didn’t move from my seat, instead I laughed and continued filming. I then stood up because the third shot went near my seat. Then the next two shots went really close to me that I ran back inside the house and accidentally dropped the iPad on the floor.

I watched horrified from the living room the smoke coming from the sides of our door and the popping noises that sounded a lot like gun shots. When it was over, we all peered out the window to see the debris. That’s how I ended 2015 with a bang.


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