Hello blogging world!

It’s the 31st of May—which means absolutely nothing. 

So, hey. It’s back to school season aka the most wonderful time of the year (as if.) For the past years, I have readied myself every summer vacay for the upcoming school year (bc i have no lyf) and this was ok for me, it was simply a routine that I got used to. All I had to do was organize and find my focus.

but hohoho–there’s a plot twist.

I did the exact opposite this year, I did no prep whatsoever (which I wholeheartedly regret. I’m having a lot of anxiety attacks bc of this) and that’s not the only thing that’s different, we’re also going to be mixed up with other sections.

Maybe I got so into routine that a little change got me so shaken up. But, with only a week left, I’m starting to cope with organizing and piecing my life back so that I wouldn’t be such a mess when school actually starts. 

About the mixing of sections, I’m both excited and anxious at the same time. I could make new friends and adapt to different people (from what I have had for the past 3 years), but I don’t exactly know how.

See you on the next post,



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