The Melody Of Us

it makes my heart feel,
soul dance to the rhythym
produced between each line of creative semantics.
through it i can write a piece
my ears wouldn’t grow tired of endlessly listening to
—something i have inside of me that i have put into poetry;
to allow my soul to be revived and be made alive once again,
to keep writing compositions, to keep deciphering what’s inside of me—all of these through poetry.

my feet on its strings
my breathing evident between
each word
each lapse
a high strung echo of my passions and dreams,
a sensation of triumphs and pleas
with music playing from it.
i make inaudible symphonies
only I can hear as my soul swims
and takes shape into its vast hollowness

i was an enigmatic melody until you came
and quite impossibly disrupted my spirit,
what great power you have in you
as a new…

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