Over the Rainbow

What’s there to love about school? Everyone just gets stressed out all the time with the massive piles of work shoved at them. Projects that need at least one all-nighter to get done. Deadlines that haunt you wherever even when asleep. This might be a bit of an exaggeration—not.

For the whole year, all that we look forward to is the vacation ahead.

But since summer is officially (almost) over, you need something to get you going. To inspire you to want to go back to school and go through the year.

And that work goes to none other than, school supplies.

Well, at least, that does it for me. Seeing new school supplies and the books for each class gets me pumped.

Don’t you just love how your Youtube subscriptions show back to school vids? All the hauls and organizations are enough to inspire me to get my life back together.

I hoped you liked this post and as always,



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