The Unwritten Cries of a Rodent

All the doubts are unwritten, left unsaid until God knows when. Roaming and lingering, and there you are waiting, waiting for it to completely take over of what’s left.

This never happens, much to your surprise, in the midst of emptiness you truly wonder why.

This has become a routine, an endless circle that you never seem to overtake. You’re trapped forever you suppose. What else is there for me? A new chapter when will it come to be?

It’s getting darker now, you think. A shiver runs down your spine, it’s getting chilly too.

You have spent most of your life peering outisde the tower you’ve been placed in, seeking answers from the stars. No one has found you, even you hasn’t found you.

Who are you?

You then think to yourself, Is this all that life is to give? An infinity of everything and yet you’re here, trapped in your little hamster wheel, waiting.


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